Week 4 – Season 4

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The group stages are over. Finally a small relief after those intense weeks for the teams. The threat of major ties however has been mostly avoided even though 6 teams will still have to compete one more game next weekend to completely finalise the first stage of the tournament.

On this note, we bid farewell to two teams in the Group A. Our Brazilian team BTS, after an incredible run and a ton of exotic civilisation picks and exciting games bowed down 0-5 in the group stages. Their first participation on the World Cup has been greatly appreciated by everyone and won the hearts of many. Even until their last game, with no hope to qualify, they gave everything they had and still managed to raze one of the most infamous players from Ulysse, Jack. It wasn’t enough to secure the victory but it was enough to leave the tournament with pride. ZoC as well, after countless challenges to qualify from CPL and a very tough group assignation only secured a victory against the Brazilian but, until the end, hoped for a few last crucial points during the last weekend and a favourable shuffle that could have allowed them to play tiebreaks. It did not occur as planned but they still showed incredible skill and team-spirit and inspired many to follow their footsteps. It leaves Joy tied to the current world champions of TBD for the first place as seen by many as an upset already relegating Ulysse and CC, a seed 1 and probably the strongest seed 2 and favourites of the tournament, fighting it out for their spot in the loser’s bracket. The tiebreak matches will happen next weekend but many see the underdogs of Joy, not only adding 2 extra points on that last week but defeating major teams as a brand new surprise and rising star.

team zoc

For Group B, the entire faith of all bottom 5 teams was very uncertain until the very last games. Despite the upset against seadogs, ZyDx, our Chinese team got 1 point short of forcing a tiebreak for the entire Group. Coming so close to defeating as well the seed 1 and giants of Pyramid and with an incredibly tough match between them and the Germans of Du hansa, They sadly get eliminated before the next phase. Seadogs as well has had a very similar run and defeated Pyramid which seemed to struggle a lot in group B as seen last week. However, it is their defeat against the Germans in a nailbiting game that sealed the fate of their dreams. Pyramid hangs on and qualifies as the 4th seed for the lower bracket but has been seen as a disappointment or a poor performance by many. pp Patrol on the other hand cleaned the entire group without dropping a single game making them now clear favourites for the group and for the playoffs. One crucial remaining tiebreak match remains between the Germans of Du Hansa and the French of Barking Gang which will determine who gets to advance to the winner’s bracket or the loser’s bracket. Probably the most important match of the upcoming weekend. Overall, Du hansa becomes the first 3rd/last seeded team in all CWC’s history to advance to the playoffs whichever the outcome.

seadogs logo

For the remaining teams, expect to start witnessing those best of 3 matchups as soon as the 25th of March. The loser of the tie between Joy and TBD will be forced to face the pp Patrol giants. The winner of the matchup will end up against the winner of the Barking Gang vs Du Hansa tiebreak. For the lower bracket, Either Ulysse or CC will face pyramid while the other will face the loser of the Barking Gang vs Du Hansa tiebreak.

Remember, it will be the last shot for all those teams before elimination. https://challonge.com/fr/yli7qwd4

Good luck to everyone! Follow all the latest news as well on our social medias.


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