civ6worldcup qualifiers
CivFR Qualifiers

CivFR Community Qualifiers

Discover our multi-francophone community by going to our discord. If you are interested in standard games without the hassle, this is your place!

If you have little time to devote to a multi game, you don’t have 6 hours to devote to a game but you want to have a little competition, our 90 sec tournament format is for you;). Allow about 3-4 hours for a tournament format game.

CPL Qualifiers

CivPlayers League Community Qualifiers

CPL draws on a long and distinguished history of Multiplayer Civilization Gaming.
Our members are Civilization franchise fans who agree to play fairly, respect others, and abide by the rules.
We form a community of serious fans of the Civilization Multiplayer experience, We don’t quit. We don’t cheat. We value good sportsmanship. In short, we love the game..

CivRU Qualifiers

CivRU Community Qualifiers

CIV RUS unites many communities: Kachechka DDD, Civ 5/6, Lion, CivHUB where you can chill playing Civilization 6 Vanilla

Civ RUS Qualifier united the best players of eastern Europe and Asia to win the Cvilization World CUP.

CivBR Qualifiers

CivBR Community Qualifiers

Also known as LBC, the Brazilian League brings together players not only from Brazil, but also from other Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Chile, for a competitive experience and with regular championships.
We are a new community when compared to the other leagues, relying on its members and coaches from the major leagues to develop a unique style of play.