We are driven by our passion for the game! By sharing it together through a tournament and competitive setup, many streamers, singleplayer and multiplayer communities as well as key professional players came together to organize this initiative. Due to the success of previous seasons and the rapid progress of the tournament on social medias and throughout many discord communities, we do aim to pursue our efforts to include and encompass more communities of players and promote team-play for the game of Civilization 6.

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4 Regional Qualifiers are organized for every season of the Civilization World Cup ! Only the best teams from each community will fight, until one victorious team will be on top. Want to know more ?


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To create a competitive environment, our modders are working closely with the top tier players to balance the differences between Civilizations. Want to know more ?


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Would you like to join our team ? Give us feedback or help us in our endeavour to create the best tournament we can for the passionate Civilization VI community ?