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About us

The Civilization World Cup (CWC) is a 4v4 Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Gathering Storm international tournament, with the New Frontier Pass and all the latest content from Firaxis. It brings together players from all across the world and have them duke it out over a few weeks to crown the best players! We are driven by our passion for the game! By sharing it together through a tournament and competitive setup, many streamers, singleplayer and multiplayer communities as well as key professional players came together to organize this initiative. We aim to pursue our efforts to include and encompass more communities of players and promote team-play for the Civilization 6 game!


Frequently asked questions

When do the teams play?

Every week we open up communication channels dedicated to scheduling between the teams. The captains decide when to play during that week’s Thursday and Friday.

Where can I watch?

The CWC games will be posted each week after the scheduling phase on the website and on our discord. You can see them on the front page of the website. Almost all games will have dedicated casters in different languages commenting on the games

How can I join the CWC?

Before each season, there are qualifier sessions held in multiple communities through-out the Civilization VI gaming universe. You can find these on the qualifier pages. Follow the announcements on their respective Discord servers and you will get a chance to join!

What is the CWC Wildcard?

The CWC Wildcard is meant to gather the teams that didn’t join other qualifiers or couldn’t make it in the top divisions of the big communities fast enough. The teams will also need to prove themselfs against the bigger community teams before winning a slot in the CWC.

Are there any mods being used?

Yes, the CWC is using the mods developed within the multiplayer community and played with in every game. Better Balanced Game, Better Balanced Starts, Multiplayer Helper, Better Spectator Mod.