Week 3 – Season 4

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What an insane start to the World Cup this year! Upsets after upsets, we rack up excitement and discover brand new teams with awe while some of the known giants struggle to keep their feet on the ground.

In group A, World Champions TBD slipped a game against the reformed Ulysse team in an insane 8 hour clash during the second week. The fate of the group seemed sealed as Ulysse was now undefeated and very few seemed to be able to resist TBD. However, week 3 saw the CPL qualifier surprise of Joy repeats its previous feats, this time defeating none other than Ulysse in one of the quickest diplomatic victory of all time. Combined with the other unexpected win of Joy against CC, this underdog seem to be well on its way to reach the upper bracket, having only the seed 3s left to oppose them. The race is however not over for CC even though the competition looks fierce and 2 major teams will still face them during the last weekend. ZoC’s hopes are not over however! A win over Joy could really shuffle the whole group and create 3,4 or even 5 way ties forcing tiebreaks next weekend.


For Group B, none of the predictions seem to be stable either! Even more upsets registered after incredible performances by the Chinese defeating seadogs with a turn 46 hwacha timing and almost defeating one of the biggest contenders for the cup, Pyramid last week with a corps knight zulu push with mongol keshiks. Despite their performance, the road is still long as, their defeat against the Germans during week 1 and the win of the germans against the second seed of Barking Gang puts Du Hansa, against all odds, in a position to possibly reach the upper bracket. Even though pp Patrol seems to be completely unchallenged, being the only CWC team to still remain undefeated, the favorites of Pyramid and the solid seadogs, despite being on a single point with the chinese and Barking gang, are fighting hard to claim a playoff spot. The shambles of an  insane military victory of the French players of Barking Gang through 3 simultaneous capitals captures along with nukes, only 3 turns away from a diplomatic victory from Pyramid, surprised everyone and created the upset to throw off any predictions out of the window. Again, it is far from unlikely we will see multiple tiebreaks and as many as 5 teams forced to replay games to determine playoffs qualifiers with a seed 1 now last in the standings and a seed 3 above almost everyone.


Stay tuned next weekend as 12 games will happen from Thursday the 4th of March until Sunday the 7th where all remaining matches of the group phase will be played. Every single game counts at this point and almost no teams seems safe from elimination.

You can always check out the results of the competition here .

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