Once your team is registered, please give us the following information :
– Team Name
– Player Names
– Nationality of each player
– Twitter/Twitch account link if it exists

Your team has a private written and vocal channel

Games are only played during Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Players aren’t allowed to communicate with opposing team members or the casters unless for a relobby or a pause
Players must stay in the game until defeat screen, victory screen or team concede

Pangaea SR
Seven Seas
Continents & Islands
Inland Sea
Pangaea CR

Each team gets 1 remap token for each game being played.

Technical remap granted if:
Only 3 cities before shipbuilding
Initial spawn within less than 9 tiles from another player or 6 tiles from a City State
Corner spawn (except in inland sea)
*Has to be requested to a referee through the team private discord channel
No water spawn
If a player’s settler spawns on a tile with no water (grey tile with settle filter) they are entitled
to a remap.

Capturing and keeping more than one City-State (others have to be razed)
City trading
Relics trading before turn 20
Liberating cities when it brings back an AI
Late-turn Great People passing
Changing captured city-state names
Different war moves after a relobby
Intentional feeding
Units stacking (have to first move : unstack or delete)
Relic abuse by using martyr ability on your own teammates
Resources duplication
Aid and emergency mission
Priority targeting anti-air units
Amani abuse
Multiple pantheons
Religions with identical beliefs within the same team
Phantom city (except if it’s 4 tiles attackable, then you’re allowed to pillage it once)
Bypassing ZoC by linking/unlinking

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