Better Balanced Game

A steam workshop mod that balances the Leaders and mechanics of Civilization VI.
Basically it nerfs over-powered bonuses and buffs the weak ones. It also changes some of the world wonders and natural wonders.
It is community created and maintained. A common effort between the most experienced players of our League.


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BBM v2

Better Balanced Map

A very appreciated Mod is the Better Balanced Map Mod. It guarantees an average production and food across all Leader starts on a map, giving every player a chance to win.

It does this by adding or removing bonus resources, adding luxury resources,  changing the terrain type, essentially terraforming, in a radius around the starting location of a civilization until every player is close to the same starting average production and food of all other players.

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Multiplayer Helper 

Provides a unique interface to have a tournament style pick/ban phase in the game

Multiple life improvement features like: AI cannot take over a disconnected player’s empire, remap option, ingame voting

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Better Spectator Mod

It allows players to observe and comment on an on-going game. Giving them access to view a wide range of information about players empires, their decisions and units.

With access to up to 9 spectators at a time, it is the most flexible and complete Spectator Mod on the Steam workshop.

Steam workshop link : here